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The Perfect Venue To Help You Understand All That Lies With Success And The Different Ways To Be Successful. 

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As The Event Ranges From Marketing Concepts To The Very Point Of Innovation, You Stand To Gain a Lot From All That Is Bound To Take Place. With Talented Speakers Also Making a Mark, This Is One Event You Don’t Want To Miss.

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Expand Your Level Of Understanding About Marketing By Looking Into The Endless Number Of Possibilities That Can Be Derived Through Different Means. 

Product Innovation

Make Matters Meet With The Unique Concept Of Innovation As It Revolves Around Products And All That You Needed To Achieve Your Goals And Objectives.

Customer Service

With a Keen Level Of Focus And The Aspect Of Credibility, You Will Be Able To Look Through Customer Service And Figure Out Ways To Enhance The Same. 

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Our Speakers

Indira S. Cronin

Online Strategy President

Jay Bryant

Director of Online Products

Tina C. Allen

Associate Dean for Research


CEO & Co-Founder


Conference & Events

Creating The Perfect Platform Where Ideas And Solutions Revolve Through Discussions And Activities That Have Managed To Become An Integral Part Of All That We Hope To Achieve. 

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4 Key Benefits to Attending Marketing Events, Meetings, and Conferences


In today’s fast-paced and growing digital world, attending meetings, conferences and other public events are solely a necessity than predominantly a luxury. All of us know that majority of the deals aren’t made between the four walls of the office, but at public events and places like meetings, dinners, bars etc. hence, interaction is the key to success. Apart from bringing new businesses and sustaining the old ones, attending marketing events, meetings, and conferences can be beneficial in four other ways, for the company and also for individual growth. Want to know how? Read more to find out…

Stay in line with the current trends

If you’re in the field of digital marketing or making use of digital technology for individual benefit or the benefit of the company, then you’re probably striving to stay ahead of the curve. The only way to do it is to stay in-line with the new, latest trends and technologies that shape the future. Famous names like Neil Patel, Seth Godin and pan Moore can never be forgotten.

Have you ever heard one of their talks, or attended one of their conferences? If not, you should!

The speaker is the sole reason to attend, but apart from that, the knowledge they offer is out of the world. It includes technicalities in the current market trend and ways of tacking any hurdles in digital business.


Build Meaningful relationships

Adding marketing events gets you in touch with some of the most beautiful people in the industry. Not only will you be hearing or have heard of them before, but it also gives you credibility and self-awareness of where you want to be as an individual and a marketer. Time constraint can sometimes slim down the chances of getting to know the popular names and faces, but there is always emails and social media to keep in touch. By regularly attending events and conferences, it will build a sense of trust in people and eventually help with your business whilst growing your business.

Connect with influencers

Social media plays a significant role in the digital market. By building relation and trust with influencers and getting the social media know about it, can increase your customer or the target audience to an increasingly different level. A study shows that almost 45% of the aspiring digital marketers used social media and influencers as a tactic to increase their customer or the target audiences to the sites and brands. However, finding an influencer is not always easy, and you have to be on top of your game every time you attend an event.

Fresh solutions for all business hurdles

You have to take that extra step if you want to reach the next level. As a beginner especially, ti is important to be heard and recognized and what better place to do it, than a platform where you can meet your digital marketing gurus or your motivators. Of course, the internet is a great solution to start of with your solutions, but let’s face it, its too much information out there and can be overwhelming until and unless you know you’re in the right path.

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